COVID-19 Update

Dear Campers, Parents, Staff, Friends and Family,

We regret to announce that after weeks of cautious optimism and contingency planning, Camp MasterChef has been forced to close for the Summer 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, government orders, medical guidelines, and other restrictions.

We love running Camp MasterChef every summer for our families. All year our team has poured their hearts into preparing the best culinary experience kids could imagine. When families send their children to Camp MasterChef, they are trusting us and the leadership team to build a community that takes responsibility for everyone’s emotional and physical safety, through experiences that are the opposite of social distancing. As government and other restrictions reflect, the global pandemic prevents programs like ours from safely and appropriately operating this summer. The widespread restrictions likewise will not allow us to fulfill our mission to provide an immersive, engaging culinary experience that is fun, innovative and creative.

We understand that the closure of camp is difficult for you and our campers. It is similarly difficult for our staff and us as business owners. Notwithstanding this difficult time, we are turning our focus to Summer 2021 and we count on you to join us!

To PROSPECTIVE FAMILIES viewing our website in hopes to enroll your child this year, thank you for visiting, we regret that we have been forced to close for Summer 2020, and we will be back next year. We will update our website with details regarding Summer 2021 as soon as possible. Please also do not hesitate to contact us in the coming months.

To our CAMPERS: We will be a little lost without you! We miss you already, and we are sad we can’t be together this summer. But we’ve saved a spot for you in 2021 and are counting down the days!

To our FAMILIES WHO ENROLLED for summer 2020 – we are so disappointed in this and you will receive an email from us with information about your enrollment and next steps.

To our STAFF – our fellow stakeholders in this work and mission – we are already missing the noise and chaos. A special hug to our International Staff who have played a great role organizing the summer at our annual meeting and for our Culinary Directors who have worked hard to elaborate an amazing Culinary Program.

To our Friends, Family, and Peers in camp: Thank you for your understanding, support, and appreciation of what we do and how we do it.

We send our most sincere wishes to you and your loved ones during this challenging time. We hope each of you is safe and secure.

Endemol Shine North America Campus Cerdanya

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