Throughout the FAQ section of our website, we address the most common questions that we receive on a regular basis.

If you don't see your question here, please contact Camp MasterChef directly.

General questions

How are the summer sessions organized?

For 2020 We have designed a completely new Culinary Program, "Around the Americas", with new recipes and competitions. For the two-week session, you will experience 2 different programs: Around the Americas I and II. For the one-week session, we alternate "Around the Americas I" and "Around the Americas II", every week.

Where is Camp MasterChef located?

For Summer2020, we have 5 locations: Cheshire, CT; Rabun Gap, GA; Houston, TX; La Porte, IN and Claremont, CA. All camps are run on the beautiful campuses of private boarding schools.

Can parents visit the Camp?

Being campers are only with us for one or two weeks, we do not have visitor days. Our program keeps campers consistently engaged and we want them to remain focused on the joy of camp and creating bonds during their relatively short time at Camp MasterChef.

If you drop your child off in person, you'll get to meet some of our staff and tour the facilities. However, we request that you do not venture into any of the dorms. Our staff is great at settling campers in and preparing them for the surprises coming their way.

Everyone is invited to our Closing Ceremonies on Saturdays, where you'll taste appetizers that the campers have prepared for you.

Can I follow along with my child's experience at camp?

Our Media Specialists upload pictures every day on the camp blog and on the parent dashboard (CampInTouch). You can also follow the camp updates and activities on the camp blog of each session. One week before the camp starts, we will provide you with the password to access the Camp Blog of your child's camp session. You will be able to access the camp blog through our web page: www.campmasterchef.com

Does my child need extra money for camp?

The camp price is all-inclusive. Your child does not need extra money. If your child is flying, we suggest sending them with $25 each way, which will be put in our Camp Office upon arrival at camp. Camp is not responsible for any belongings not secured in our Camp Office.

Which MasterChef contestants will visit camp?

We want this to be a surprise for your children, so this will be disclosed upon arrival at camp.

How can my child get to be on the TV show?

For the current season, all casting has been completed. For opportunities in the future, please find more information at www.masterchefjuniorcasting.com. Good Luck!

Who is eligible to come to camp?

The camp is open to all campers between 8 to 16 years old who agree to obey by the code of conduct, pass a successful Physician Examination and are self-sufficient to perform all camp activities: culinary activities and sport activities.

Swimmers are confined to certain areas depending on their skill level based on the swim test that we administer.

Registration, rates and refund policy

How do I register?

Camp MasterChef has an online registration. When you enroll, you'll get access to the parent dashboard, where you can complete your registration and submit all required camp forms.

What is included in the camp tuition?

Camp tuition is all-inclusive except for transportation to and from camp and health insurance. Laundry service, if necessary, is only included for campers joining us for two-week sessions.

What is the refund policy?

All payments are 100% refundable until May 1, 2020, less the registration fee. Tuition is not refundable if parents withdraw a child after May 1, 2020. If a child is asked to leave due to a violation of our behavior code, tuition is non-refundable.

The Staff

Who is part of the Camp MasterChef team?

Each camp session includes the following staff members:

- Camp Director
- Assistant Camp Director
- Entertainment Specialist
- Culinary Director
- Head Counselors
- General Counselors
- Culinary instructors
- Media Production Specialists
- Certified Lifeguards
- Licensed Nurses

Under the supervision of the Head Counselors, the Counselors Team is responsible for the overall environment, camp dynamics, and campers' well-being.

Each residential counselor will be responsible for a group of campers of similar ages and gender. Additional staff will join them throughout their day at culinary lessons, competitions and general camp activities. The Culinary Team is responsible for cooking lessons and competitions, supervised by the Culinary Director.

Media production specialists are responsible for video production and photography during camp. They also keep you informed about camp by posting on the parent dashboard.

We have a team of certified nurses in every camp. They distribute medications, apply first aid, and caring for any illness or accident that may arise.

Each school's facilities team handles meal preparation, cleaning, and maintenance. Camps take place at well-renowned boarding schools with state-of-the-art facilities.

How do you screen MasterChef Camp staff?

All our teams meet state, federal, and ACA requirements for summer camp employment. Each staff member must pass a background check and complete a highly-selective recruiting and training process.

The Culinary team is hired from prestigious cooking schools, with experience in teaching cooking skills to children. The Culinary Director is responsible for designing the culinary curriculum, which details all cooking activities and recipes. He/She also supervises the team of culinary instructors, ensuring the quality of each camper's experience.

Activities and environment

What's included in a typical day at Camp MasterChef?

Camp MasterChef is organized into three different blocks of daily activities.

Culinary lessons

Our culinary curriculum covers everything from the basics to the latest cooking techniques. The classes are divided into groups according to age, with a maximum of 15 campers per group.

Each day, we focus on a new concept. We start with a short theoretical introduction, followed by a practical lesson.

Our culinary instructors teach classic and innovative techniques to make healthy and interesting dishes. During Camp MasterChef, campers take a hands-on role in planning and preparing gourmet family meals.

We design a completely new Culinary Program every year. 2020 season campers will travel Around the World discovering new dishes and recipes from countries near and far.

Team culinary competitions

In the spirit of MasterChef, each team competes in a series of daily challenges and culinary competitions. On Day One, campers break out into teams. They stay with the same team for the duration of their session at camp MasterChef.

Free time and sports

We understand the importance of exercise, fitness, and a balanced diet.

Each day includes land sports and aquatic activities. Every evening, our staff organizes a theme party for campers. Campers with us for two weeks will have extra culinary activities.

Does my child need previous knowledge of cooking to attend Camp MasterChef?

Not at all. If your child is new to cooking, our goal is that they leave Camp MasterChef with a passion for cooking and tools for a healthy lifestyle.

Classes are organized based on age and designed to help students progress at their own pace. We'll teach your child how to prepare a variety of full-course meals from scratch.


Where and when do I drop off my child?

Campers are scheduled to arrive on Sundays between 2 PM - 4 PM.

When you arrive, you'll meet your child's counselor and tour the facilities. Then, your child will start team-building activities and begin meeting other campers. Camp doors are closed at 4 PM. We encourage you not to come earlier. If you plan to arrive later than 4 PM, please let us know in advance by phone or email.

Where and when do I pick up my child?

Camp ends on Saturday with the Closing Ceremony at 11 AM. After the ceremony, you'll have a chance to taste the appetizers that campers have prepared for you. Then you can pick up your luggage and we'll say goodbye — 'til next year!

Basic Guidelines

What are the Camp MasterChef rules?

Behavior at Camp MasterChef must align with the core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. When campers and staff respect these values, everyone has more fun.

All campers and parents must review and sign the Camper Code of Conduct before camp.

Here are some of the general requirements from the Camper Code of Conduct.

General Behavior at Camp MasterChef

The Camp MasterChef staff will review the Code of Conduct with all campers on their first day. Appropriate behavior is necessary for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience at camp. Among other things, bullying of any form will not be tolerated and will be dealt with quickly and seriously.

Camp MasterChef is a co-ed camp. Often, boys and girls will be at activities together, and at other times, boys and girls will need to be with their own residential groups.

Dining Hall Behavior

Healthy eating in a pleasant atmosphere is necessary for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Each meal will be conducted with decorum and good manners. Meals are an amazing time for cheering, singing and dancing. We will do them all.


Getting enough rest is essential for staying healthy at camp. After the nightly theme party, campers are brought back to their dorms for some calm "candle time" discussions about the day and prepare for bed.


Theft will not be tolerated. Please turn in any lost items that you find to a staff member, so they can be returned to their owner.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

Camp MasterChef is a drug-free environment. Campers who possess, consume, or are under the influence of drugs will be removed from camp. This includes alcohol, tobacco, and any drug paraphernalia.

Parents will be contacted, and immediate arrangements will be made to send the camper home. Any additional travel expenses incurred as a result of this behavior will be billed to the parents and all camp fees will be forfeited.

Are electronics such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, and video games allowed?

The goal of Camp MasterChef is to focus on the culinary experience and be present in the moment. This presence is best achieved in the absence of connected devices.

We are a screen free camp. No smartphones or devices with Internet capability are permitted at Camp MasterChef. This includes cell phones, computers, Kindles/eReaders, laptops, iPads, mini iPads, iPods, iTouches, Game Boys, etc.

Please see our "No Screen" policy in your Parent Handbook.

Exceptions to this are those campers traveling by plane to get to camp. We understand the need for cellphones in these instances. Upon arriving at camp, we will collect these phones and provide them at check-out. Campers staying with us for two weeks will be able to call home on the Sunday of their second session and will use our camp phones. We will notify these parents as to the specific times calls will be made.

If you need to contact your child urgently, we will provide a camp phone number on the day you arrive.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

Campers need comfortable clothes and shoes for cooking, sport clothes and shoes for outdoor activities, and warm clothes for the evening. Despite being summer, nights can get cool. We recommend bringing some warm clothing and a raincoat. One of the theme parties is a gala evening, so we recommend bringing something more elegant for that special night.

We strongly recommend checking our suggested packing list.

We provide all cooking tools. We ask that campers bring two aprons, along with a notebook and pen to take notes during lessons. We also provide 2 Camp MasterChef aprons for competitions.

In the one-week sessions, we do not provide laundry service, so we ask campers to bring enough clothes for the duration of their stay. In two-week sessions, there will be laundry service on Saturday (we recommend not packing any delicate clothes to wash, since we are not responsible for the possible flaws may arise during washing and drying).


What will my child eat?

We believe in the importance of a balanced diet. We prepare a healthy menu with plenty of options each day.

We take the utmost care to accommodate allergies and special dietary needs intolerances. When you fill out the registration form, please pay special attention to the section on food intolerances.

To respond to the needs of many campers, as well as to ensure the safest environment possible, we are a peanut free and tree-nut free camp. We do not serve any products that contain these ingredients and we ask that you do not send your children any nut products during their travels to camp.

Contact between campers and parents

How can I speak with my child?

Campers staying with us for two weeks will be able to call home on the Sunday of their second session and will use our camp phones. We will notify these parents as to the specific times calls will be made.

If you need to contact your child urgently, we will send you the camp phone number one week prior to the camp starts.

Can I send an email to my child at camp?

Parents also have the option of writing one-way emails to campers through their parent dashboard on Mondays, Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays. In order to send emails, you must purchase CampStamp packages with your credit card. Any message received by 12 pm EST on these days will be delivered before bedtime of the same day. Any message sent after 12pm will be delivered to your camper the following day.

Please limit emails to 3 per week per camper, thank you! Unfortunately, we are not equipped to handle the volume created by e-mails from friends and other relatives. It is important to keep in mind that some campers don't get much, or any, mail each day. If you're gung-ho about sending lots of mail, you could even send messages to your camper's roommate.

Although understandably difficult, we ask parents to focus on questions or messages about the program, or a picture of them we may have posted and their time at Camp MasterChef rather than the emotions of missing them and expressing how much they are loved.

Health care

What if my child needs to take medication at camp?

Your child's health and safety are paramount at Camp MasterChef. Each camp has several on-site certified nurses in charge of distributing medications, applying first aid, and caring for your child in case of an accident or illness. If your child needs any medications at camp, you will need to provide this information on the Authorization for Administration of Medication form or a copy of the original prescription and bring the medication with you.

By Law ALL medications, (prescription and non-prescription) must be brought to camp in their original pharmacy labeled container. DO NOT pre-dispense, place in a daily pill holder, wrap in other materials, or ask us to dispense by other than doctor's orders.

What if my child gets ill or suffers an accident?

Our camps are less than a 15-30-minutes ambulance ride to the nearest hospital. We have clear action protocols in case of accidents or severe illness.

Health insurance for each camper is a requirement by Camp MasterChef. If you do not have health insurance or you live outside of the U.S. and your insurance provider does not provide U.S. coverage, please look into traveler's insurance or email our office at info@campmasterchef.com at your earliest convenience.


Do parents have to drop off their children?

When possible, we strongly recommend parents drop off campers. We offer transportation to and from camp only for two-week campers.

During the registration process, you'll fill out a transportation form and select your method of travel. Please notice, that we only pick up campers from specific airports and times.

In case one of the parents or legal guardian cannot pick the child up, the Pick-up Authorization Form must be completed so another person can pick them up.

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