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Read through the Employee Checklist below to become familiar with our application process and pre-camp requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at +1 754-301-8885 or by email (

TO DO: Submit an online application WHEN: Mid-December through May HR PROCESS: Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted and interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis. Interviews typically occur 2-4 weeks after submitting an application.
TO DO: Schedule an Interview WHEN: January through May HR PROCESS: After applying, applicants will be contacted in 2-4 weeks via email to schedule an interview. Applicants may be required to schedule a second interview
TO DO: Accept Job Offer WHEN: January through May HR PROCESS: Interviewed applicants will be contacted 2-3 weeks after the interview regarding a potential job offer. Applicants should respond via email ASAP to accept or decline a job offer.
TO DO: Sign Summer Contract Electronically WHEN: April through June HR PROCESS: Applicants will fill in an on line summer contract after accepting the job offer, which must be signed electronically. Applicants should sign the contract ASAP to secure their position.
TO DO: Complete Employee Health Record, W-4s, and other documents WHEN: January through May HR PROCESS: Applicants will upload or email copies of the forms that need to be completed. These should be completed before May 1st and uploaded or mailed in to Camp MasterChef Office. A Physical Exam signed by a doctor is required (download form from CampInTouch/Staff.
TO DO: Mail, email or fax certifications to Camp MasterChef Office (if applicable) WHEN: January through May HR PROCESS: All swim staff, nurses, and senior staff must send in copies of their current certifications at the time of the interview or immediately after accepting a position. Expired certifications need to be renewed prior to camp. Contact with questions.
TO DO: Renew WSI, CPR, RTE, Lifeguarding and EMT certifications* WHEN: January through May (if applicable) HR PROCESS: All swim staff, culinary instructors, and senior staff must have updated certifications valid through August 2020. CPR certifications must be current through the entire summer. Contact with questions.
TO DO: Attend Pre-camp Trainings WHEN: May through June (one week before camp starts) HR PROCESS: Training schedules will be posted online and emailed to staff. Trainings are position-based and mandatory for all staff.
TO DO: Camp MasterChef starts! WHEN: Beginning of June through August HR PROCESS: Camp MasterChef begins!

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