A typical day

A typical day at camp looks like this (times are approximate):

7:30 AM Rise & Shine! Get ready, brush your teeth…let’s head to the Dining Hall!
- 9:00 AM
Breakfast starts at 8 o’clock sharp! Dig in and get prepare for the day! Time to dedicate to minor organization tasks, such as cabin clean up!
- 11:00 AM
Cooking Lessons (Group #1) / Outdoor-Sport activities (Group #2)
11:00 AM
- 12:00 PM
Team Culinary Competitions (Group #1) /Swimming pool (Group #2)
- 1:30 PM
Lunch and supervised free time/rest time.
- 3:30 PM
Cooking Lessons (Group #2) / Outdoor-Sport activities (Group #1)
- 4:00 PM
Afternoon snack
- 5:00 PM
Team Culinary Competitions (Group #2) /Swimming pool (Group #1)
- 6:00 PM
Shower & get ready. It’s time to get into some comfy dry clothes for the evening program.
- 7:00 PM
Dinner. Last meal of the day!
- 9:00 PM
Theme Party. This mean all camp games, carnival, or a talent show.
- 9:30 PM
“Candle Time” We all come together and get organized by groups to share the best experience of the day and an area of improvement.
9:30 PM Lights out ages 8-12
10:00 PM Lights out ages 13 and above
10:30 PM Everyone’s snoozing!

Group 1 and 2 will alternate morning and afternoon activities each day.

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